All I Need to Know About Business

All I need to know about business… I learned from Chuck Blakeman! Or maybe that’s better phrased if I were to say, “All I need to know, I learned from taking the time and space to come up with my own answers, after I heard Chuck Blakeman speak at a recent workshop that we are apart of, OnTrak. I found the 3 hours I spent in this workshop to be an amazing investment of my time and I intend to spend the next 16 weeks giving the same amount of time investment to these classes because my business and my life depends on it. My intention during these next 16 weeks is to pay it forward by simply bulleting some of the complex, yet so very simple, business tactics and concepts that are transforming the way business owners are doing business.

I hope this turns your business model up-side-down and all around as it has mine. It’s the good to great theory… it’s the average to extraordinary way of living. Which kind of life and business are you after?

Questions to ask yourself:
-Are you using your business to build your Ideal Lifestyle?
-Do you even know what your Ideal Lifestyle is?
-Every business should have a maturity date (a date within 3-5 years of creating your business that enables you to go on vacation, make money, and not come back to find it’s in shambles)… do you have one?
-Are you building a business for yourself or creating just another job? (HINT: one makes you feel like you are on the treadmill, the other one graciously helps you get off the treadmill)

Points to ponder:
-You were made to be and to do something significant… and that includes more then just the idea of creating a business, making a good living, and buying toys for you and your family to enjoy.
-When you have the clarity to know where you’re going and why you’re going there, you will find that you will then have the hope to get you into crazy motion, and then you will have the stamina to take a few more risks. Nothing worth having is created by “playing it safe”, you’ve got to take risks and the only way you will take those risks is by having complete and total clarity.
-Your business should be giving you Time, Money, and Significance.

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