Business Calendar Tips

How would it be if there existed no business calendar to guide you through your daily tirade of essential projects and to-do tasks? Wouldn’t life be chaotic? You bet it would. Well, fortunately there’s more than enough business planners in the world for most of us. And not only that but this article will hopefully enlighten your ‘business knowledge’ too…

1. The first thing you need to know is that you can use (and really should be using) a business calendar to plan out your ‘perfect’ lifestyle. To do this means you need to be disciplined and imaginative at the same time. Play around with some ‘visual pictures’ about how you want your ‘ideal’ life to look, then get these ideas down onto your calendar, and go from there…

2. The second thing is that a business calendar doesn’t always have to be about work related stuff. That’s true! Of course, you are going to be using your business calendar for work and business. BUT just remember that it’s not all about business. All work and no play makes Jack a DULL boy. There’s a LOT of things that you REALLY want to do, right? So make sure those things go into your business planner or calendar too.

3. Business calendars come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes from business diaries to super planners, to desktop organizers and personal digital assistants (PDA). So, that means two things… a) you have a whole lot of cool tools available to manage your time, days and lifestyle, and b) you have no excuses whatsoever to NOT manage your time!

4. You should ideally consult your business diary before you start your business day. Read that again. Then practice it every day without fail for a month. After which time you should have the habit firmly ingrained into your lifestyle. Good work!

5. You can still run a business without a business calendar or business diary. Wow! isn’t that amazing? And it’s true too… A lot of folks run successful businesses without getting anything down on paper. But, I’d recommend you do it differently to that. A business calendar or business planner is a convenient tool that exists to help you avoid ‘brain overload.’ So make sure you use yours!

In summary I’m sure you now know how important a business calendar can be. It’ll help you do more, be more, have more and enjoy more. And you couldn’t argue with that!

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