Interview With Rob Meyerson, Brand Strategy Director About Business

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Meyerson, Brand Strategy Director; who were gracious enough to provide readers of the China Business Connect (China Business Connect it is effective trainings, step-by-step guides, reports, case studies about business with China).

Labbrand is an independent brand consulting firm. Our services break down into market research, brand strategy/consulting, and creative, which includes naming (Chinese and English) and design as well as other creative deliverables. We are based in Shanghai with offices in Beijing and Singapore. Our clients are multinational firms and select Chinese companies. We help them understand their customers and markets, position for greater competitive advantage, relevance, and equity building, and creatively express their brands.

China Business Connect: Why does the business partnership with China is of interest to you (your company)?

We have several Chinese clients already. Our goal is to help Chinese companies build their brands in China and abroad.

CBC: How special, according to your point of view, is the business with China?

Business in China is unique. We believe that in this crowded market, brand differentiation and localization (for foreign firms) is paramount.

CBC: What prospects of the business with China do you see in whole for your company?

While concepts like “branding” are widely used amongst Chinese marketing and brand managers, many companies still don’t fully understand the power of a strong brand to help companies meet strategic business goals.

CBC: Business education, variable seminars, courses and trainings are extremely popular nowadays. To what extent the specificity of doing business with China should be studied by the managers?

China is a unique market and business success here requires in-depth understanding of local customers, culture, and competition. Labbrand has an in-house market research team that helps clients perform both quantitative and qualitative research in China, which informs all of our strategic and creative deliverables.

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