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Track prehistoric carts

Among other merits before history, the Maltese archipelago is world famous for the fact that the most ancient man-made structures on Earth are located here. This is the megalithic temples.

The person who first confronted with such prehistoric monuments, raises a number of questions: what is the churches, how many are they, where are they located, what purpose was built? Let’s start with the basics, what is the megalith at all? In fact, it is every religious building of the huge raw or semi-processed stone blocks, which include dolmens (funerary box, covered with a massive flat slab), and menhirs (single standing stones) and cromlechs (circular fence). Maltese megaliths are dolmens. The most famous stone circles on the planet are Stonehenge (England) and Carnac (France, not to be confused with Egyptian temple complex), but the construction of the ancient Maltese, in addition, they are distinguished “accuracy” – more than twenty temple complexes located on the territory, comparable to a small European city.

What they have in common? – the material, design features (e.g., login form), in many cases, and similar architectural form, resembling the petals of a flower. Some temples are rather primitive, probably not all the details have survived, while others, on the contrary, are of special ornament and decorated with carvings, for example Continue reading

These mysterious mechanisms GM

Cadillac CTS not American “Logbook” These enigmatic arrangements of GM

Often come across entries in the journals of our STS the defect as a missing lumbar support. I found out about this trouble by accident, when and why it sat on the passenger seat. Apparently it has not worked for a long time, with the past owner of the car, and my passengers to my questions — do you feel what a good lumbar support -answered — Yes Yes of course, but as it seemed to me, as that is too confident. now I understand why. Many people in life are luckier than me — they have a machine under warranty, and they do not suspect that hidden in the depths of the seatback, and that changes in such sad cases .

To start I had to dismantle, or rather inexperience with half-broken rear plastic seat cover, latches which I then glued into place. Next, I saw a funny dangling construction dangling wires, perekladnyh and springs. Is this optimalnaya the design of this site. I came up with different simple design of the motor and pin it resting in the back. The main reason was hidden in the round box is the reducer, which took the rope, a motor hummed properly without giving any effort. Apparently the inventors didn’t want the secret of the boxes was opened and closed her tiny little screws with a tricky slitzer. Steady hand he was converted on my own, Continue reading

The largest Islamic religious buildings of antiquity

The largest Islamic religious buildings of antiquity

Sasanian Iran became the most important region for the spread of Islam and development of Islamic culture, including architecture. Scandicci Iran has existed since at 651 226 years, it included the territory of modern Iran, Afghanistan, parts of Armenia and Georgia. It is in this era and in these areas formed the basis for further architectural development of Arab States.

So, on Afghanistan and Iran in the middle ages appeared a few major cities — Shiraz, Isfahan, Ghazni, Herat, Kabul and other. All these cities had roughly the same structure, is quite clearly divided into three parts: citadel, Shakhristan (main town) and Rabat (trade and crafts town). On the territory of Shakhristan was based sofas, there are official buildings, mosque, quarterly mosques, bazaars, madrasas and other facilities.

Madrassas and mosques in their architectural designs had some similarities — primarily the plans. The plan itself has defined a large rectangular courtyard which was surrounded by galleries with exposed beams. These floors were supported on pointed arches or arches in the shape of a horseshoe, which was based on columns or piers. Principal Continue reading

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Vedic symbols on the ancient buildings
Vedic symbols became more intense use of the Land after the Great War, when feral people started to come to, but unclaimed for centuries knowledge has already been lost. URS,…

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