Gothic churches presentation


He chetvertyi largest in Europe after St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, St. Paul’s in London and Seville Cathedral in Seville. In terms of capacity, inferior only among the Gothic churches of Seville, and among the Italian churches, only the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome. The features of the Gothic in the Cathedral. High pointed arches, ribbed vaults and frame system supports helped to block a giant space, increase the height of the building and to clear the walls from the load, without fear that they will fall. Penetrating the walls of huge Windows, the interior of the Church was high and bright. So technology has created the need for new design, and she, in turn, an original artistic image. Forms of architecture began to Express the Christian idea of spirituality, striving upward to the sky. the Archbishop of they look like flames, extended Gables, spires pointed and directed upwards. Medici (1563), the wooden choir, Egyptian porphyry bath IV century, which is used as a baptismal font. Stunning statue of the Christian Martyr St Bartholomew, alive … which had been skinned. The first six Windows of the right nave wall covered with stained-glass Windows of the XV century Continue reading



Seven wonders of the world (or the Seven wonders of the Ancient World) — famous list of the most celebrated sites of the ancient culture. The choice of the number consecrated by the most ancient representations of his fullness, completeness and perfection, the number 7 was considered a sacred number of the God Apollo (the Seven against Thebes, the Seven sages, etc.). Like collections of sayings of famous sages, collections of anecdotes and stories about some essays about the Seven wonders of the world were popular in ancient times and included descriptions of the most grandiose, the most magnificent or in a technical sense the most striking buildings and monuments of art. That’s why they were called miracles, while in the list there are no many true masterpieces of ancient architecture and art — the Acropolis in Athens with the creation of Phidias — the statue of Athena Parthenos, the famous statue of Aphrodite of Cnidus work by Praxiteles, etc.

Mention of the Seven wonders appear in the writings of Greek authors, starting from the Hellenistic era. They had to know already at school, they wrote, scientists and poets. In the text of one of the Egyptian papyrus, representing a kind of textbook, mentions compulsory for learning the names of famous legislators, painters, sculptors, architects, inventors, hereinafter — the greatest island, mountains and rivers and, finally, the seven wonders of the world. “Selection” of miracles Continue reading

The ancient pyramids of the world

Ancient pyramid world – system or coincidence

The first hint that the location of ancient pyramid complexes in the Earth is subject to a certain plan, contains, apparently, in the Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky (made in the epigraph). The quoted “four corners of the world” suggests linksfor a source with a description of what these angles are and where they are located. The author has failed to figure out how did Helena Petrovna these 4 corners, however, the use of this turnover seems to be not random. Otherwise, you would expect something like “is scattered all over the world” or “found everywhere”, or something similar. However, the whole “the secret Doctrine” consists of innuendo and misunderstandings, so the only thing here to say that the location of the complexes is apparently not a coincidence.

In modern times the idea of a global pyramid system widely (among those interested in this topic) advertising, thanks to the efforts of Professor Ernst Muldashev. “Sensational results of the Tibetan scientific expedition organized by the weekly newspaper “AIF”.

Indian pyramid Brihadeshwara.

The existence of Chinese pyramids were discovered only in the mid-twentieth century. For many years Continue reading

Churches, monastery in Vilnius
Vilnius " Church, monastery church, monastery title: the Church of St. Michael the Archangel design: 1594. 1625. Nave. The interior space looks more like a princely Palace hall decorated, festive…


The great wall of China
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