The philosophy of the ancient world

The philosophy of the ancient world


at the rate “PHILOSOPHY”.

Topic 2. “The philosophy of the Ancient world”



1. The doctrine of the cosmos and in man: the problem of existence. A consideration of the nature and

society in the philosophy of the Ancient world.

2. Plato, as the founder of objective idealism.

3. The formation of ancient dialectics.



… In order to understand

the modern state of thought,

the surest way to remember

how humanity came to him…

A. I. Herzen. Letters about the study of nature.

The development of theoretical thinking and the formation of philosophy

imagine a long process, the prerequisites of which may be found on

early stages of human society. Ancient philosophical systems,

trying to find an answer to the question of the origin, the essence of the world and places

the person in it, had a long prehistory, they appeared on

relatively advanced stage of class relations.

The emergence of philosophy is a natural result of the formation and

human development. The rudiments of philosophical ideas begin to appear in

the bowels of the mythological interpretation of reality, Continue reading

Mountain Crimea

The metals poverty and insufficient communication with the metallurgical centers led to the fact that stone tools, especially at the early stage of development of the Taurus culture, played the leading role. Large deposits of chert, fine-grained Sandstone and diorite in the mountainous regions of the Crimea in abundance offered the necessary material. Were made from flint inserts for sickles and all sorts of knife-like plates; there are also polished stone axes with abahami. Bone produced arrowheads, harpoons, needles. To metal, apparently, treated as a rare gimmick, and more often used for decorations. Judging by the numerous finds at the settlements, the Taurians existed bronze casting: bronze were made of the hryvnia, bracelets, plaques, rings, pins. Iron products is very small, their number increases slightly only at a late stage of development of the Taurus culture.

The oldest (about VIII century I. E.) known in the Crimea fortified settlements of t Uch-bash is located in Inkerman on Kamenolomni ravine (between the left Bank of Black river road and the road to Sevastopol). In dwellings and settlements of grain pits found many grains of wheat, barley, beans and peas. The grain was stored in large, similar to the pithoi thick-walled vessels of local manufacture. Taurus-building differ clearly expressed peculiarity: a wall of rough stones, piled up dry, often adjacent to the rocks, Continue reading