The most “Scottish” town of Australia

The most “Scottish” town of Australia.

As previously reported, “Morningsiders” on Australia day we went to conquer the vastness of New South Wales with the master plan for the development of the Waterfalls – the section of highway between the towns of Armidale and Dorrigo. But there still had to get on the road, i.e., probably on the route of the main highway along the East coast of Australia we still had a number of “not closed” short travel of the objects.

The first day assumed 400-km March to Coffs harbour city on the North coast of new South Wales, where, as you know we have not got, because the city was cut off by the floods. But in addition to Coffs in the plan were also a couple of cities that were previously prokatyvalis on the highway at speed limit, but where I really wanted to go study. In consultation, we gave priority to the town of Maclean (McLean).

And all anything – seemingly quiet Australian town of sleepy – but no – it was this “Scottish Australian navel of the earth” – the concentration of a component of the Scottish, brought by colonizers from the British Isles in one particular town in New South Wales.

Comrades are proud of his Scottish heritage and they are not at all hampered by the fact that there are no highlands, hot and around growing rice and sugar cane, and not Scottish eucalyptus.

In the understanding of local residents – it is such a comfortable piece of Scotland, albeit in 15 000 from home.

Residents of the town as “play” Scottish map – it all starts with a hefty poster on Pacific highway offering know what this is under the kilt?

In the town most of the buildings look nice, but it is usually: pharmacy

Historical “house” fire station

Mail on the main street of Stanley Street. Generally, along the main street full of houses built at the turn of 19-20 centuries.

The police building.

The meaning of the sculpture at one of the junctions has remained unclear.

A dominant role in the city, of course, plays a wide the Clarence river.

At the heart of many boat landings and boat ramps – places to water down the boat.

The region is famous for its fishing, so people come here from Coffs and from Brisbane.Each ramp for boats hangs a “standard” lawful fishing. Penalties for exceeding – the draconian.

In the region of the still raging storm, so no wonder that the river has risen. I think McLean should periodically suffer from floods – dams that would regulate the river nearby is not observed, and the Central street so offhand only 3-4 meters rises above the water’s edge.

The city as already mentioned vengeance playing the Scottish card: in and around the city light poles bottom painted “under the kilt” at the bottom, and on the main street at the top of the columns hung banners with the name of the clan.

Well, right Duncan Macleod of the clan Macleod.

The town of McLean is located between the river and high hill on which is arranged lookout observation deck, however, with very limited views of the valley of the Clarence river.

Access to the lookout is easy – a pointer to the lookout is present on the main street, and the hill in the city alone.

Next (just below the hillside) is a local landmark – the top of the rock (obviously designed to feed tourists mosquitos) – just a stone in the forest, but before you get to the road leading to “species” in local mosquitoes, the size of a good crocodile Queensland, you live place will not leave.

However, the hill has been landscaped and built up – that property owners on the hill safe from the flooding.

In the centre of this Scottish-Australian town is visible almost everywhere the local Catholic Church – Saint Mary Catholic Church is a beautiful Gothic structure in 1894.

Well, leaving the city back to the Pacific highway, passing an old cemetery McLean, it’s hard not to stop to consider overgrown with moss Celtic crosses.

Also, of course, the distinctive landmark.

In General, interesting place this McLean, well, that’s not enough, perhaps, the very small – walking down the street bagpipers. I remember in Britain heard the joke: why did the Piper when he plays, moves? Because a moving target is harder to hit.

However, in relatively close proximity to McLean there are two excellent and relatively isolated, but beautiful part of the coast.

If you depart from McLean through the suburb Townsend on brooms head road after about 25 kilometers you can get in the eponymous town of brooms head, and on the road need to be very careful, as we understand it’s all farm kangaroos and EMUs can easily jump out on the road.

Brooms head was quiet and peaceful town … -camping is such a secluded and isolated resort town, which same is a great campsite – it is not clear where it begins, but ends with obvious cliffs red cliffs.

If you are looking for a week away from civilization, but with minimal (and even higher if you rent the cottage) level of services on livelihoods, and even to ocean wave broke on the rock next to the tent – that’s you in the head with brooms.

On the banks of the Clarence river, and McLean, but on the very edge of its Delta is the second item that we did not fail to look – Yamba – another, much more civilized compared to brooms head (there is a Coles and Woolworths).

To go the same 20km from the Scottish town, but on the North-East. If we move M1 toward Sydney, the first exit after the big bascule bridge over the Clarence river.

Yamba is also a Spa village with a population of about 5,000 residents – hotels, shops, rental equipment for surfing and fishing.

But the most interesting, in my opinion, this is the South Head – South head – place, which is adjacent to the Clarence river to the Ocean.

In this place the town’s lighthouse Yamba, around the second broken good Park.

At the foot of the slope – the cliffs. When we got to Yamba ocean was rough, had to carefully Wade through the rocks to the viewing platform – not washed.

Storm the ocean had some very unusual color of chocolate milk.

Well, the town’s main beach was closed, as evidenced by a sign on the chains covering the entrance to the beach.

The town beach is adjacent to the mound, which forms a channel at the outlet of the river into the sea(can’t remember the term hydraulic), but the wave surfing there.

So even in storm and rainy weather is clearly next to the sign there was a car. In which sleepy rescuer-a volunteer was sitting, just in case someone will suddenly come in the water.

By the way storm warned – ahead of the storm, however, as you already know, resulted in the belt with a further southward along the Pacific highway.

Quite a few times we passed funny the Billboard is located on the Pacific highway between Coffs harbour and Ballina in Northern new South Wales. This poster was displayed bagpiper in a kilt and a text asking if the traveler would like to know what is under the kilt. It turned out that this was hell, perhaps the most Scottish town in Australia – a quiet and neat town of McLean.

On Australia day we were driving from Brissie to the waterfall way and we could not miss McLane at this time, so we spent quite many hours exploring the Scottish heritage of Australia.