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Pavers. Machinery for asphalt. Road construction

Successful people all the time in motion. And motion is speed: not hurried and was on the sidelines of life. To understand it in a figurative and in the literal sense. But no good road no good speed. The good road is good and smooth asphalt. While more economical option. Need same every year hundreds (if not thousands) of kilometers of new and repaired roads. Of course, should be in abundance and technology that will produce, deliver and lay asphalt on the road. And, anyhow, because fast cars are low-slung, because any unevenness may turn into a disaster. All equipment must be professional quality and to be able to provide styling almost perfect surface. If asphalt has all the same rules, then over time such road is just getting smoother and quieter.

Types of equipment

This should include the mechanisms that are involved in the preparation of the roadbed, deliver to the place of laying hot asphalt, leveled and tamped it:

– milling machines; – drum faucets; – kohary; bitumen boilers; – asphalt; – skating rinks.

Not necessarily that we were using all types of technology. For example, rollers are used when fit the so-called extruded concrete, which is a crumb of asphalt associated with limestone. the Cast asphalt obtained from aggregate, bitumen, sand and crushed stone filler and mineral tars, the rink is not mandatory, as it can simply pour in the molten state. But in this case mandatory Kocher.


Paving equipment should start to consider with a milling machine. What is it? This mechanism, which has a massive reel with extra strong replacement teeth. The aim of this unit is to tear off from the road on to is definitely predetermined thickness of the old asphalt. The drum revolves in the direction opposite to the movement of the mechanism. So it undermines, skrashival the asphalt below. Each tooth is experiencing a huge load, including resistance, so they are interchangeable. Baby by the same mechanism is got to the Transporter, and from there enters the truck. The truck takes it to minor processing. Of the old asphalt granulate is subsequently mixed with fresh asphalt. So save bitumen, sand, gravel, meaning cheaper road surface.

In the post-Soviet space to be used planers started only about two decades ago, so they occur quite rarely (abroad their use in road construction reaches 80%). The second reason for the infrequent use is the high cost of the mechanism.

Drum mixer

It serves for the preparation of asphalt concrete with fresh aggregate, and regenerated (already used), asphalt. There are several modifications of this mechanism. Consider the simplest mixing scheme.

Burner into the drum from the yard served the flame. With this end comes a fresh placeholder. At the other end is supplied with liquid asphalt. In the middle of the top of the drum is filled with regenerated asphalt. The drum revolves at a speed that ensures a good mixing of the ingredients and crushing them to very small fractions, so that the hot asphalt mixture at the outlet was homogeneous. Opposite to the burner side of the drum is the exhaust pipe, cleaning the gaseous products of combustion and excessive pressure in the drum. Hot asphalt mixture is then filled into trucks, which transport it to the pavers.


In translation from German this word sounds like “pot”. The name is somewhat offensive to the mechanism, which, in essence, is a mini-factory sealing, and a thermos, and a mixer. Kohary can have both vertical and horizontal positioning. They can share and the degree of mobility:

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