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The interior is in the Gothic style

The interior is in the Gothic style

The features of the Gothic in the interior due to the Ages. Usually in the modern world a kind of life style and clothing, known as “Goths” pushes people to think about darkness and mysticism. However, the architecture completely reverses such associations with the Gothic style: Gothic buildings and bright as if eager for the sky. This effect was achieved with the help of various spires, towers, arches.

At the same time, the interior is still in medieval gloomy and mysterious.

To exactly replicate the historic style at the present time is simply impossible because of the lack of structures and materials of the time: the ceiling is too low, although the style requires on the contrary the high ceilings, there are no towers, vaults, stained glass Windows, through which the impression of monumentality. Successfully stylize the room “Gothic” still possible, but only subject to the availability of high (not less than 3 meters) ceilings.

Initially, you need to make a smooth and the ceiling is white, then decorate its ceilings and wooden purlins. The wood it is desirable to give the appearance of “antiquity” or coat them with dark varnish. The ceiling will look great pair of wrought-iron chandeliers, and just below two, it will allow the light to be too diffused. Finish the walls will be unnecessary, but better to paint them in buff and gray color

At present people would not be able to live in uncomfortable conditions of the middle ages, therefore, the aim of the interior in the Gothic style is not completely to recreate it, but only to make some Gothic elements. This will help domed doorways, stained glass Windows, austere and vertical elements. You can use materials that mimic stone, metal with green patina, antique wood.

Interior are selected so that the atmosphere was solemn, sublime. This will create high cabinets and buffets, chests with metal fittings, upright and tall chairs, big bed with a wooden canopy.

In the Gothic interiors are also decorated with tapestries, carpets, draperies; fabric choose dark colors: purple, ruby, red, green – with gold and silver threads, with printed pattern in the form of a star, or month.

The Central place in the Gothic interior is sure to take luxury fireplace or tiled stove or an imitation. This purpose can be decorated with a radiator, however, the design should not look awkward. The dematerialization of a form is one of the special features of Gothic style. This means that the physical properties of the material are completely opposite of his visual perception: for example, a massive and heavy stone looks like lace.


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