The ancient pyramids of the world

Ancient pyramid world – system or coincidence

The first hint that the location of ancient pyramid complexes in the Earth is subject to a certain plan, contains, apparently, in the Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky (made in the epigraph). The quoted “four corners of the world” suggests linksfor a source with a description of what these angles are and where they are located. The author has failed to figure out how did Helena Petrovna these 4 corners, however, the use of this turnover seems to be not random. Otherwise, you would expect something like “is scattered all over the world” or “found everywhere”, or something similar. However, the whole “the secret Doctrine” consists of innuendo and misunderstandings, so the only thing here to say that the location of the complexes is apparently not a coincidence.

In modern times the idea of a global pyramid system widely (among those interested in this topic) advertising, thanks to the efforts of Professor Ernst Muldashev. “Sensational results of the Tibetan scientific expedition organized by the weekly newspaper “AIF”.

Indian pyramid Brihadeshwara.

The existence of Chinese pyramids were discovered only in the mid-twentieth century. For many years the Chinese government forbade the seekers of other countries to visit ancient buildings. On photosgrafiek the satellite, near the city of XI’an is located sixteen pyramids.

A trader from Australia Fred Meyer Schröder in his diaries, written in 1912, mentioned the ancient pyramids in China. He drove the caravans and traded with many countries. The next caravan passing the Mongolian-Chinese border with Mongolia – conductor, he said, “We will pass the pyramid. Seven of them, and they are located near the city of XI’an”. And after a few tedious days before the dealer discovered a wonderful picture of a very beautiful building with four faces, regular shape and flat top. He was struck by the greatness and might of the pyramids, he thought about the people who built such a magnificent structure, their knowledge and power to do such things. The caravan approached the pyramids from the East, in the main group of pyramids were the big three and the rest were gradually reduced to the smallest located in the South. The chain of the pyramids stretched in a length of about ten kilometers.

These pyramids for many years were not known to anyone, the Chinese government carefully concealed their existence. The biggest pyramid approximately three hundred meters in height and at the base about five hundred meters. This pyramid is much more than the pyramid of Cheops. This pyramid is strictly oriented to the cardinal directions and painted in different color: red – South, North – black, white – West, and the East – green-blue. The pyramid faces were the steps going to the top of the pyramid, but now these degrees eventually crumbled. You can climb only to the middle of the pyramid, as the bottom step large step and represent area of about one square meter.

In China, all the buildings were made from clay and pyramid is no exception. On the slopes of the pyramid of trees and shrubs, giving the pyramid the similarity to natural object. According to ancient books the age of these pyramids over five thousand years, the pyramids are indicated as existing many centuries before the writing of these books. And not many people have seen the pyramids, no one is allowed in. Chinese authorities kept secret the existence of these pyramids.

It is very interesting that these pyramids are at 34 degrees North latitude, and the layout of them is very similar to the Egyptian. The Egyptian pyramids are located at 30 degrees North latitude, and there are the pyramids a geometric line, which suggests that the pyramid was built by one civilization. Long around the circumference, between the pyramids of Cheops and chancy equal 3849 5333 degrees minutes of arc corresponds to the magnitude and 64,15888 degrees. This number erected by twice the square corresponds to the harmonic equivalent mass. This number is obtained from the distances between the pyramids No. 4,5,6 in Shanxi and the great Egyptian pyramid.

These calculations are impressive and suggest the thought that the conformity to a harmonic equivalent mass and the location of the complexes of pyramids on the planet has some connection, and they were built as a single unit with a purpose. In these groups of pyramids laid that they allow you to resonate in unison with all harmonic fields. The construction of the pyramids is probably due to electronic processes associated with the transmission of information over vast distances. According to Egyptian pyramids, inside them were a special electronic device that allows you to produce some fluctuations. These fluctuations were amplified by pyramids and transmitted to a great distance. All of that data had been lost, as many ancient books were destroyed. Perhaps the transmission is not restricted to the earth, the pyramid was used as a huge transmitter-receiver for communication with other planets, located at a great distance. The mystery is never solved, as to us and not gotten accurate information about their appointment. But today already it is known that the pyramids were built not by the rulers to whom they are attributed.

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The ancient pyramids of the world
Ancient pyramid world – system or coincidence The first hint that the location of ancient pyramid complexes in the Earth is subject to a certain plan, contains, apparently, in the…

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