Gothic style in architecture

Gothic style in architecture.

The word Gothic, in the culture of the Renaissance signified a curse rather than something worthy of attention. So the Romans called all associated with the barbarism of the middle ages, associating it with the ancient tribe ready that destroyed Rome. Primarily meant underdeveloped Latin language and illiteracy.

The very same primitive and heavy architecture is often called German – “tedesca” (Italian), and Gothic it was first named Rafael, reporting to Pope Leo X about the construction process at the Vatican Cathedral. Peter. But, despite this disparaging meaning of the term at the time of its appearance, the Gothic style became the crown, the apogee of the middle ages putting the point in the development of the first truly European art. We can say that style to the Gothic style in Western Europe his it was not. Unlike Byzantium, located largely in more favorable conditions and climate and on the Greek cultural heritage, the West had a lot to overcome and in terms of natural conditions, landscape, raznoplanovost of the population. But in the end, as so often happens, difficulties have helped to shape new and unusual, to rethink and to access many things anew, to create an advanced.

Of course, no Gothic Christianity itself would not exist. Spiritual struggle in life are often interwoven with practical achievements. Since the life of the medieval city is concentrated around the Cathedral, this building beginning to bear the additional load and in the aesthetic and in the architectural and practical requirements. Roman Basilica, heavy, small Windows, moreover, could not accommodate many people inside, as the cruciform shape of the building is not allowed to increase due to the increasing load of heavy stone vaults. And then help came from a high, pointed arch, which gives minimum side thrust on the walls, and thus allows to increase the size and height of the building. Thus, the whole mystery, the volatility of the Gothic temple is a consequence of “marriage” rib – frame and arches were added – sloping arches, resting on the unshakable power of the buttress. The system became a delicate, flying in the air and at the same time very durable. Freed from the weight of the walls also steel light cut through huge Windows, in which artists “had” to insert your stained glass. In huge halls needed to put the sculpture, to remove the void – again work for artists and sculptors.

In the end we can say that thanks to the solution of an architectural problem was born the whole direction in art, and has created, as if by itself, the mysterious and beautiful style – the Gothic.

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