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The structure of the universe

The structure of the universe from the point of view of the Vedic concept different from the official views of modern science. The Vedas say that there are innumerable material universes, which are in trancendentalism the spiritual world, and our universe is one such. The Manager universe is Brahma. Our material universe is shaped like an egg. The diameter is 18 712 069 200 000000 multiplied by 8 miles.

The structure of the universe includes fourteen planetary systems and shestdesyat four dimensions, each dimension is divided into half and Quaternary proportion. All the planetary systems are located closer to the center, from which rise up. Fourteen systems are in turn divided into three levels – is Svarga, phoumi and Bily. Svarga is the highest planetary system, phoumi – middle and Bily – the lower planetary systems. Planetary system in the modern time, also called the galaxy. Thus, the structure of the universe has a three-tier structure.

The structure of the universe. Higher planetary system.

The highest planetary system is called Satya – Loka. This planetary system brahmā lives, and live as humanoid creatures, the length of life is 15 trillion 480 billion earth years. Such is the lifespan on the higher planetary system, Satya – Loka. In Christianity, this planetary system is also called Paradise, – “and you will have eternal life.” The body of living beings in this system consists of the pure element of mind and the sheath of bliss, and they possess all knowledge. In the structure of the universe these planets are the heavenly places.

Then underneath it is – Jana – Loka. Jana–Loka, that of the planetary system, which are yogis who commit celibacy, or Vedic language, wrtv-Brahmacharya. These are people who at a certain practice, never, in several lifetimes, not had sex and have never dropped a seed. And thus, as a result of conservation of potential sexual energy these living creature on this planet ascend.

Further below it is Tapa – Loka. Tapa – Loka is the planet of the sages of the four kumāras. Tapa – Loka means tapasya, or penance. That is, the achievement of these planets is achieved by tapassi. The body of living beings is composed of elements air and mind. They have almost all knowledge.

Further, in the structure of the universe is Mahar – Loka. On the planets of this system, the lifespan of humanlike living beings is 4 billion 320 million years. In the body structure dominates the element of air.

Further, under this planetary system, Svarga-Loka. The planets of this system are the abodes of the demigods. The demigods control all the elements of the universe. Literature in the Vedic demigods are called Devas or Suras and their number is 33 million. It is living beings who are at the highest levels of human development. For example, these SwarG is the ruler of rain, thunder and lightning, in Kievan Rus it was still called Indra. The life expectancy amounted to 309 million earth years. Planets in this system have a fiery nature. The sun to treat this planetary system. The structure of the universe at this level has the nature of very thin elements.

The structure of the universe. Midrange systems.

Set of planets – poor – Locka. She already belongs to the middle planetary systems. At this level, the coarser the structure of the planets. Our planet belong to the system.

Further, in the structure of the universe is a system of bila – Svarga. It’s a hell of a Paradise type planet where living things, more materialistic than we are. Spiritual knowledge is closed. The duration of life increase through material practices. There is no sunlight. Light comes from the head of a huge Naga (snake). Absent the knowledge of God. Many different treats, everyone loves to have sex. And those people who wish to progress in the material, but do not want to progress spiritually, for example scientists, and lead a godly life, living beings fall into this system of planets.

This is the planet of material and technical perfection.

The structure of the universe. Planets of the lower level.

It’s planet hell, as they are called Christians. Here are creatures with godly karma. Systems have seven levels, depending on the type of suffering. Demonic planetary systems Atala – Loka is the place where demons live.

Next comes the vital – Loka, it is home to Lord Shiva, or as in Russia called Velez. Surrounding Shiva at this systems are at the low level of development, and Shiva controls them. Shiva has a divine nature.

Next comes the planetary system sutala – Loka, and in our Divya-Yuga this system belongs to the divine planets.

Later in the eleventh structure of the universe the planetary system is called Tala-Tala. These planets, which are sent all the witches and wizards, and this planetary system belongs to the category of the demonic.

Next, the twelfth level of planetary systems is called Maha-Tala. This planet’s snake-like sentient beings, they can very easily be translated into different bodies.

Next planetary system the Rasa-Tala. This planetary system is also inhabited by a very powerful demonic beings. And the lower planetary system of Patala-Loka. Thus, the structure of the universe based on a highly intellectual level, by increasing or reducing suffering.

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