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France is a romantic country, a place where everyone feels love, this country, like a real fairy tale come to life. Majestic castles of France, the world of Bohemian charm, grace, the spirit of Royal eras in the modern world, beautiful beaches, thermal waters French sources, French hotels have a high level of comfort, great value and cosy, almost homely atmosphere. Every street of France and especially the fabulous capital of the state Paris, breathes centuries of history. Remember the world-famous French novels, which many centuries have charmed the world for its uniqueness and romance. Where else but in France can adequately relax, improve your health and get the most unforgettable travel experience. The famous cities of France: Paris, tours, Bordeaux, Le Havre, Rennes, Toulouse.

Paris, who does not dream to visit it? City tale, a dream, a story, he’s one of the biggest cities in the world. Remarkable in Paris is not only Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, the city has attractions on every step. It is a city-Museum, worth a visit of Notre-Dame de Paris, the famous Louvre, the Cathedral of Chartres near Paris, the Cathedral of Saint-Denis, the house of Claude Monet in Giverny, numerous castles on the outskirts of Paris Compline, Chantilly, Vincennes. Modern building of Paris is the Euro Disneyland. In France, tourists are recommended to visit: the Palace of Versailles, the Museum of Le Bourget (aerospace), the castle of Saint-Germain-EN-Laye, Saint-Denis, Chateau de Rambouillet, the château de Vincennes and many other places.

The most famous resorts and beaches are in San Tropez, nice and Cannes. Saint Tropez it was a small village, now turned into a resort town with amazing and clean beaches, cozy cafes and restaurants, Nightclubs, discos, bars, boutiques and famous French fashion designers, as well as the fortress, you can’t ignore the tourists. Saint-Tropez is the place where I want to stay forever.

Nice — French Riviera, one of the most wonderful places in nice is the promenade des Anglais, the city is located in the foothills of the Alps, in the Bay of Angels. There are palaces, luxury villas, Matisse Museum, the national Marc Chagall Museum, the Museum Massena, the Avenue de France. Nice’s beaches are covered with pebbles, there are public and private.

Cannes — a resort town, which hosts the world famous film festival, surrounded by thickets of cane, there is a huge amount of Gothic chapels, ancient arenas, palaces and temples, museums and bastions. The Park of La Croix des Gardes, La Croisette, Palace of festivals and Congress hall, all these places Cannes worthy the attention of tourists and attract lots of celebrities in these places. Well-known ski resorts in France are Courchevel, méribel, Val Thorens, Chamonix. Best resorts the Alps where you can ski and relax with great pleasure.

Borders: France is located in Western part of Europe, its coast washed by the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea. The Pyrenees form the border of France and Spain, the Jura, forms the border with Sweden, Eastern Alps bordering on Italy, bordered by Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco and Androi.

Language: the official language is French, spoken English and German.

Religion: the Population of France mainly Catholics, there are Muslims, Jews and Protestants.

Currency: Euro is the official currency of the country.

Visa: Upon entry to France need a visa.

Kitchen: you Should taste the famous French cheese, which in the country produce more than 500 kinds, especially famous cheeses: Roquefort, Camembert, Gruyere cheese. Omelets, soups with leeks, cheese souffle, fish and seafood dishes — oysters, lots of meat dishes — especially venison, dessert — creme brulee, the famous French wines — all this is worthy of every tourist mi have to taste the most exquisite gourmet.

A trip to France is always a fairy tale and a pleasant experience, and with the “Globus tours” these impressions will be doubly pleasant!

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