Hyperborea – the ancestral home of the Slavs

Hyperborea – the ancestral home of the Slavs

ARCTIDA (Hyperborea) is a hypothetical ancient continent or large island that existed to the North of the Earth, the North pole and populated the once-powerful civilization. Still the fact of the existence of Arctida-Hyperborea had no confirmation, except the Greek legends and images of this plot of land in old engravings, for example, on a map by Gerhard MERCATOR.

In the 1990s, Dr. filosofskih Sciences Valery Nikitich DEMIN began the search for an ancient civilization near seydozero and found there an ancient sanctuary…

In search of Hyperborea

In trying to unravel the mysteries of the Russian North in 2007, had held the Russian expedition, consisting of historians, astronomers, geologists and filmmakers.

As a result of this expedition were discovered stunning discovery – the remains of ancient megalithic structures, age about 10 000 years, similar to the Egyptian pyramids, and even superior to them…

The Mysteries Of Hyperborea

Hyperborean expedition Golubev found a giant megalithic structures, the ruins of an ancient temple ( temple of the Sun. ). This is undeniable proof that the North was in ancient times, about 10,000 years ago a highly developed civilization of Hyperborea. Similar megalithic structures found in Ireland and Scotland.

An important result of the expedition was the opening that the Hyperborean civilization was spread the cult of the Mother Goddess, the Earth. Spiral labyrinths of the cave is a confirmation of what were common rituals of the Goddess. The priestess predominated in ancient Hyperborean rites.

In the movie there are these words: we Must rise above the vanity, otherwise we forget who we are.

At the end of the film stated that ancient knowledge was lost. And this knowledge carried the information of the highest level – knowledge about Laws of structure of the universe. And humanity does not understand these laws. And only now is the time to learn these Laws and this knowledge gradually bit by bit open.

May also open, as I discovered recently, through dreams and through the information that comes to me in my meditations?

The Secret Of Hyperborea.

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