The most ancient archaeological finds of the world

The most ancient archaeological finds of the world

Secret archeological finds . as it turns out, are the most ancient and yet to be recognized in official sources, or the teachings of Darwin could be refuted. Over the past 200 years have been found in different parts of the world, conclusive evidence of the presence of Homo sapiens. And long before the so-called concept, “CRO-magnon man”, which appeared 40 thousand years ago. These are the most ancient archeological finds are very impressive and provide an opportunity for archaeologists and historians to recreate the past.

In the late 19th century in Illinois, in a coal mine was discovered rather large gold chain in the formation of coal. Geologists was established the age of this piece of coal, which is no less than 260-320 mill. years. For 50 years before, in the mid-19th century near the town of Tweed, in a mountainous career, at a depth of several feet, too, was found a Golden ornament. The geologists have shown that rock formations in which found a jewel, dated Carboniferous period, i.e. 320-360 mill. years ago. In the same year, in Scotland, within a single Sandstone was found a secret archaeological find of an iron nail after it has been cleaned stone.

Scientists confirmed that the nail will not work specifically to drive into the stone. In 1985, scientists of the Geological Institute of the UK has set the age of this stone. it’s 400 million years, which is Drevnerussky-Devonian period. In 1928 in one of the coal mines of America, at a depth of several miles, were found the most ancient archaeological finds – concrete blocks. The surface all six faces of these blocks were polished very skillfully. Within each was found a gravel. Excavations resumed, and was found a whole wall of these blocks. Having carefully considered the age of this formation of coal, geologists showed that it is approximately 300 million years.

In the late 19 century near the town of Webster job at a depth of 40 meters, there was a secret archaeological find . It was very carefully polished the stone with diamonds, which was in the piece of coal. On all sides of the diamond were written the same person an elderly person. Experts, in their careful work, found that in place of the found stone, up to this point the coal seams was not raised. Geologists have estimated the age of this coal, and it amounted to estimated 360 million years old.

In the U.S., where, according to the Darwinians, modern man could appear only 30 thousand years ago, was discovered another interesting finding is the skeleton of a man who is identical modern. This finding was discovered in the nineteenth century in Illinois and the age of coal, where they found the skeleton, determined in 320 million years. In the mid-19th century in Massachusetts, in solid rock was found vessel, made of a special metal alloy silver and zinc. It was a picture of six figures, the lower part of the vessel was decorated with a silver ornament. The age of this vessel is about 600 million years.

Perhaps the most ancient archaeological finds discovered in South Africa. There in recent decades, in the Western Transvaal miners found a whole crowd of metal spheres. These balls are so hard that even the sharp tip of steel they cannot be corrupt. They are made on such technology that the modern science is powerless. The age of these finds is 2 billion 800 million years old! These data are impressive. As well as the age of the Earth consists of 4.5—5 billion years, we can only imagine what could happen during this time.

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