The ancient pyramids of the world
Ancient pyramid world – system or coincidence The first hint that the location of ancient pyramid complexes in the Earth is subject to a certain plan, contains, apparently, in the…

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I was very interested. As if I had been in the journey. The world does so many amazing and mysterious structures. Petrova Daria, 7th grade A very interesting Olympics. When…

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Cape Ryty


Cape ryty on the North-Western coast of lake Baikal in the Irkutsk region was included into the list of the five most remote and mysterious sights in the country, which amounted to the Association of tour operators of Russia.

In addition, the list included Nukan – the ancient capital of the Eskimos at Cape Dezhnev, Chukchi Peninsula, averkina Yama cave, according to legend hides a cache of Pugachev, in the Satkinsky district of the Chelyabinsk region. And Organski the churchyard is a wooden castle on the site of a pagan temple, which is a well-preserved wooden pre-Petrine skit in Kargopol district; the Arkhangelsk region. The list is completed by the waterfall uchar, which was opened 35 years ago in Ulagan district of the Altai Republic, the fall height is 160 m.

The Association of tour operators reports that the famous Cape ryty “shamanic pyramids” and there “in the village is the only Russian engine that has been preserved since the Second world war, converted a power station”. However, the researchers of Baikal did not confirm the presence on the promontory of the village and steam train, the remains of the past located in the village of Onguren of Olkhon district. The Cape is known as the anomalous zone. For example, here writes a well-known traveller Sergey Volkov: “On lake Baikal such forbidden for visits by people of the sacred area is the Cape ryty, especially revered as the Buryats, Evenks and the Tungus river Valley… Rita leaves oppressive impression. It is impassable due to the alluvial deposits of large stones. There is often a lightning strikes the ground, and in winter in front of the Cape every year there Stanovaya crack in the ice”. Here is preserved a stone wall length of 33 m, similar to those that exist on the island, the steppe surface of the Cape is lined with stone rounds, which is a larch pole, surrounded by stones.

According to the “Encyclopedia of miracles” Igor Tsarev, there are more than 500 powerful enough geoactive zones, anomalous areas, in which there is an active specific impact of forces of unknown nature in man. These include Cape ryty. It is said that after his visit to many weakening health, is associated with him and the number of premature deaths. To the Cape almost no people come. There are several versions of the anomalous Cape: shaman, radiation, even a UFO.

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