Great building

Castle (building)

Dream Interpretation Miller

To see yourself in the castle means that you will be the owner of significant wealth, enough to live the way you want. This dream tells you that you have the intention of becoming a great traveler, has a desire to communicate with people of many nationalities.

To see old, overgrown with ivy castle — means prone to romantic tastes. You should be careful to conclude suitable marriage or betrothal. After such a dream, your business can go into decline.

To dream that they were leaving the castle means that you are robbed or you lose a loved one.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

The castle is a monumental structure symbolizes strength of character, reliable the seat of the soul.

The lack that we’re in a hurry — our last hope, salvation.

Sinister, a strange castle — the threat, the enemy camp.

Castle — symbolizes the inaccessibility to any area.

Dream Interpretation Freud

The castle is a symbol of the female genitals.

If you live alone in the castle is a symbol of your immaturity. You are satisfied with the life with their parents (mother), and you do not want to enter into a serious relationship that can lead to marriage.

If a man dreams of a ruined castle — it symbolizes his displeasure his sexual partner; he has made every effort to shy away from sexual contact with her.

If a woman dreams of a ruined castle — it has too many sexual contacts with partners, whom she is not taken seriously; it may also talk about possible diseases of the genital organs.

If a woman wants to get into the castle, but something prevents this — she’s not confident in his sex appeal.

If a man wants to get into the castle, but something prevents this — he fears of inadequacy during sexual contact.

Dream book lovers

If you dream that you are living in the castle means that you will travel a lot and may meet in their travels of a man, with whom the Union will be long and lasting.

The old, dilapidated castles — people usually dream about romantic. However, the woman in this case, it is difficult to conclude a happy marriage, because her motto is “With a sweet Paradise in a tent” and she risks to live a life of poverty due to the fact that will reject the proposal of a wealthy but unloved man.

If you dream that you are leaving the castle — in reality you can lose a loved one (favorite).

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

The castle is a fabulous character that is the embodiment of dreams of the idle rich and joyful life. Usually the castle was part of the reward after much trials and tribulation, but first we had to go a long way and endure a lot of inconvenience and fear.

To dream of a castle, vast and beautiful who is floating in the air and to which no road — this dream shows that you want out of life too much; to the disappointment and misguided hopes of; to deceive, which in turn promises reliable people.

Build a sand castle — the uncertainty, the doubt, to the fact that on your way you will meet an adventurer who will be able to win your trust; our plans are not realized because of the crudity.

To dream of the destruction of the medieval castle-monument — you will learn something that will help to get rid of long-standing problems; you devote a secret that will help you plan your life in the future.

To see many toy castles — a symbol of what’s around you not a single person with whom you want to cooperate; your child will show remarkable ingenuity; the planned is not fulfilled for reasons beyond your control.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

To dream of a castle (if this word reflects the content of your dream is better than the word “Palace”) — means your dreams and plans involve some isolation and detachment from the world.

If the lock is nice and light — it’s the sign of a good course of your Affairs in the circle of people close to you.

Cold, gloomy castle grim view suggests that a life of solitude can be pretty damaging to you.

If the interior of the castle impresses you with its magnificence and luxury — then this dream says only that, indulging in fruitless dreams and empty fantasies, you can live in complete isolation.

The Jewish dream book

New family dream book

You dream that you are in a castle — become the owner of significant wealth.

Saw an old, overgrown with ivy castle — know that you are a romantic, so be careful in choosing a spouse (spouses). To the current, this dream warns that your business Affairs can come into disrepair.

Dreamed leaving from castle — oopswebsiteect of a robbery.

Modern combined dream book

If You dream that You are in the castle You will have sufficient funds to make life the way You like it. You have the opportunity to become a famous traveler and enjoy communicating with people of different Nations.

To dream of old, overgrown with ivy castle — which means that probably You will visit the romantic mood, but be careful: this can all end an undesirable marriage. Your business can change for the worst.

To dream that You are leaving the castle — a warning that You are robbed or deprived of property, and possibly You will lose a loved one.

Oriental women’s dream book

If you’re in an old castle — so you will have enough money to lead the life you want.

An old abandoned castle — shows that in your heart still has a place for romance. However, try not to go too far, because nothing portends a happy marriage.

To dream that you’re leaving the castle — a warning about possible loss or robbery.

The newest dream book by G. Ivanov

Dream Interpretation Hasse

To see castle — to be fulfilled desire.

To live in a castle — you will be rich.

Burning castle — good consequences.

To go inside — the unexpected happiness.

Closed lock is to hit the.

The dream dictionary from A to z

If you dream of an old castle as a fortress with towers and a drawbridge — it heralds the fulfillment of desires. To live there means that eventually you will possess a significant condition and will have the opportunity to live according to their own desires and tastes.

Walking around the castle all alone — you face arrest and imprisonment. By walking with the guide heralds unexpected happiness.

To stand in front of the closed castle — awake face the challenges. If the lock is neglected, overgrown with greenery — you should see a doctor, not relying on self-medication.

Ruined castle — foreshadows a fierce debate on political topics.

To dream of burning castle promises the most positive effects of change, nastupivshim in your life.

To dream the owner of the castle — win a court case and finally to confound his detractors.

To experience the boredom and the tedium of living in a castle — a dream portends a serious illness.

To leave the castle going to travel — in reality you will be robbed or will be robbed on a tip from the people of your same environment.

Dream Interpretation Of Simon The Zealot

To see the castle — fulfilled desire.

To live in a castle — you will be rich.

Burning castle — good consequences.

Log inside — the unexpected happiness.

Women’s dream book

Stay in the castle in a dream — heralds the acquisition of significant wealth. This dream also indicates a strong penchant for travel and professional interest in different nationalities.

If you dream you see old, overgrown with ivy castle — you are clearly of a romantic nature. Be careful when betrothal or marriage. For the merchant this dream could mean a decline in business.

To leave the castle in a dream — to possible theft or loss of a loved one.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

Castle can be a fortress. It can also belong to a magical world.

Keyhole — this may mean that you are close to solving the problem or before you should open a new direction in life, but not quite there when you expect it. Are you thinking about new possibilities to look at the situation or person from the other side?

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