The interior is in the Gothic style
The interior is in the Gothic style The features of the Gothic in the interior due to the Ages. Usually in the modern world a kind of life style and…

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Castles Of Scotland
Castles Of Scotland Castles have long been a historical and cultural symbols of Scotland. Almost every travel booklet on Scotland, you can see their colorful photos and advertising and educational…

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In the middle of Europe, in England, is a huge stone structure, known worldwide as Stonehenge. This ancient architectural monument was built not by one step over 1600 years, approximately between 3500 – 1100 BC Stonehenge, translated from the old English language, means “suspended stones”. The purpose of this mysterious building to our time, is unknown.

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Stonehenge, which was built in the first place, was a circular moat, which had two rooms, under the assumptions here could be a cemetery. In a circle, placed a little more than 50 small “Aubrey holes” that were named in honor of the first researcher. It was also a huge Heel stone, which had a seven-meter height. In subsequent phases of the earth were built of the alley and the ring of the many boulders that had blue coloring. Now Stonehenge is presented to tourists as the construction, which includes 82 megaliths, weighing 5 tons each and also exactly 30 blocks of stone, twenty-five tons and 5 huge stones, which weigh about 50 tons. Large stone blocks were stacked in a certain order, represent the arches, that in the past, served as the indicator of the world.

A detailed study of Stonehenge, it was found that the stones that went into the construction of this building, was delivered from a distance of about 300 kilometers where there were quarries. The incredible effort required to move these huge materials for ancient structures. But why would ancient people had to spend so much time and effort, the exact answer to this question does not exist. Various studies of this area, saying that the creators of Stonehenge knew the exact Sciences, but also Geology, astronomy and architecture.

In a time when scientists are scratching their heads about the origin of Stonehenge, legends wanders among the people about this unusual terrain. They argue that these big stones have healing powers, and brought them here from Ireland wizard named Merlin. There is a separate legend about the Heel stone, which seems to be owned by the heel of a monk that hid among the stones of the devil.

Nowadays, Stonehenge is very well known among tourists, and its mystery makes it even more popular. Having been in England, you should definitely visit this amazing attraction and make some pictures for this unusual background.

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