Corinth is one of the largest centers of Ancient Greece, which flourished in the XVII-XVI centuries BC With the times to nowadays the remains of the majestic temple of Apollo, with its monolithic columns. The Roman period is much richer presents: temple of Octavia, the fountain of Pyrene, baths of Auricle, etc. a year and a Half he lived here and preached the Apostle Paul. His two Epistles to the Corinthians included in the Bible. The road to Ancient Corinth, first of all, pay attention to Acrocorinth and the Corinth canal. Acrocorinth is a mountain with an altitude of about 670 meters, which offers a beautiful panoramic view. In ancient times there was the Acropolis of ancient Corinth, and what can be seen today are the remains of a Byzantine fortress. The channel connecting the Aegean and Ionian sea, is 4 km from Ancient Corinth. Dug in the late nineteenth century, he makes a strong impression today. Next on the program – visit one of the most famous monasteries Grecii – Cathedral Potapov. The women’s monastery, still active, is located at an altitude of 700 m Above sea level at 14km from the Spa town of Loutraki. The monastery contains the relics of St. Potapov.


Excursion to Delphi – one of the most interesting and mystical places, uniting fragmented in antiquity the Greek world. There was a religious centre, owes its fame to the temple of Apollo. Here tried to get everyone, in order to obtain predictions of the Oracle. Here was held the Pythian games. Your eyes gaze at the monuments of history and culture of the VI-II century BC: the temple of Pythian Apollo, the Treasury of the Athenians and serrices, the portico of the Athenians, the theatre, the stadium and other facilities. You will have the opportunity to wash with water of Castalia spring, to see the “navel of the Earth” and admire the magnificent ancient sculptures. Archaeological site of Delphi is a UNESCO world cultural heritage. After lunch drive to Kalambaka accommodation in the hotel.


Tour in Meteora – “eighth wonder of the world” – monasteries, suspended between heaven and earth, one of the main attractions of Greece. Visit active Buddhist monasteries and nunneries. After the excursion departure to Athens. On the way stop in Thermopylae gorge at the monument to king Leonidas and the 300 Spartans, who became famous in the famous battle against the numerous Persian army. Return to Athens.


Athens sightseeing tour with Acropolis. You will see the monuments of history and culture that made the glory of Greece: the Parthenon, the Erechtheion with its famous caryatids, the Propylaea on the Acropolis of Athens, temple of Olympian Zeus, the white marble stadium where the 1896 were the first Olympic games of modern times, the Parliament building, the University of Athens, Academy of Sciences, visitors can visit the New Acropolis Museum.

Moving to the North-Eastern region of the Peninsula Peloponnese – ARGOLIDA. The first stop at the Corinth canal – a magnificent building of the nineteenth century followed by Mycenae: the cyclopean walls of the ancient city, built of huge stones with the famous “lion’s gate”, a Royal burial of the XV-XVI centuries BC Mycenaean Palace of the kings, the famous “tomb of Agamemnon” – all this brings in the memory of the heroes of the epic of Homer “Iliad and Odyssey”. Then through the picturesque town of Nafplion with the medieval fortress, the first capital of the modern Greek state, you are going to Epidaurus, the sanctuary of the healing God Asclepius, where you will see one of the best preserved theatres of ancient Greece with fantastic acoustics that seats 14,000 spectators.


Walking tour of the old part of Athens introduces you to the historical monuments of the Classical, Roman and Ottoman periods, including: Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Tower of winds, the Central Cathedral, the Muslim mosques of the XV century and Byzantine churches X V. the tour Ends in Monastiraki, the oldest and one of the most popular shopping areas of Athens. At a flea market, which is called the square, there are lots of interesting tourist things that you can not only see, but also to buy. Monastiraki flea market is an exhibition of fragments of the old Greek life, where the main buyers are Wanderers who are fascinated by the charm of used unusual Greek things, and designers, gaining rare trinkets for decoration.


Excursion to Cape Sounion – the southernmost point of Attica, where on a cliff above the sea stands the temple of Poseidon (440 BC) and, according to legend, a wish made at the temple during the sunset, is necessarily true. The program includes a stop at the picturesque Vouliagmeni lake with hot mineral springs, visitors can swim.

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