Gothic style of dressing

Gothic clothing – “Black romance”

One of the modern ways of expression, mainly the younger generation, is the Gothic style. It is not only different from the rest of the world, special music and poetry, and specific clothes. It would seem that you can find beauty in the eerily dark ensembles who prefer Goths?

But it seems that the famous designer Donatella Versace was able to consider “cold” the beauty and Majesty of one of the most provocative, but at the same time incredibly sexy styles. As evidenced by last autumn-winter collection of the famous brand. The fashion catwalk was tagged with models in tight leather dresses, high boots appeared, with ornaments in the form of crosses and a predominance of black in the outfits. Fashion magazine Elle found in the handwriting of the collection Gianni Versace, and the most noble of the periodical revival of forgotten designers of the style defined as neo-Gothic.

However, before you focus on the major trends of Gothic style on the runway, let’s take a “procession” in history, to the origins of the emergence of the flamboyant style.

Gothic style of dressing: the story of

The Gothic style originated in France in the twelfth century — the very time when witches were burned mercilessly at the stake, the knights selflessly serve to his chosen ones, and the greatest influence in society had the Catholic Church, in the so-called “dark ages”.

As to the origin of the term “Gothic”, in different sources there are different versions. According to one, the word “Gothic” comes from the name of a barbaric tribe of Goths, who lived in those times. I must say that for the ancient Romans, all other Nations were barbarians (especially the Europeans), and therefore their art was “wrong”, “barbaric”, “Gothic”.

Other sources give the translation as “eerily majestic”, which is quite fair in relation to architectural structures of gloomy style. After all, Gothic was first manifested in architecture. And then appeared in the clothes of the inhabitants of the medieval era.

Main features of the Gothic style in clothing of the middle ages were the austerity and minimalism, jagged edges in the outfits, pointed hats socks and shoes, slim and definitely highly laced waist. Men wore tight pants and long coats, and women long skirts (the longer, the better than lady in the society). In ensembles dominated by velvet, floral design and bright colors: the black color will come in Gothic style later.

However, the Europeans quickly “bored” with the “barbarian” style, and by the XV century, the Gothic style is experiencing a decline. Have a lot of new styles — calibrated, with the correct proportions and artistic greatness, in the spirit of the Renaissance.

Short Gothic resurrection will happen in the XIX century and then it will fade. But a true “second birth” of the Gothic style in clothing will become the 1970-ies of XX century. At this time, the Gothic is not just a style of clothing, and youth subculture with a certain musical direction, mysticism and misunderstood in society ideology. The first musical group that critics have dubbed “Gothic” became Joy Division.

By the 1980s, the years in society develops the image of the goth — mysterious “black romance”, which is driven by depressive mood and suicidal sadness. Gatesy also tried on the image of the femme fatale or lady vamp. Parents whose children had succumbed to the influence of fashion at the time of course, new craze among young people was a genuine horror. For a long time psychologists believed the Gothic movement is the main cause of suicide attempts among young people.

Over time, the anger was replaced by mercy, against the Goths became more loyal and for 2000 years the elements of the Gothic style first appeared on the fashion runways. And today, designers continue to draw inspiration from the mysterious “jungle” flamboyant style.

Now it is difficult to say what are the similarities between modern and Gothic style clothing medieval Gothic. This is probably the bleakness and coldness, austerity and minimalism. But outfits ready now more similar to ancient Gothic cathedrals, than the clothes of the time. In order not to get confused, let’s look with a contemporary twist of the Gothic style and details that set it apart from other fashion images.

How to recognize a goth or characteristic features of the Gothic style in clothes

The first sign by which to know a goth is black clothing. Adherents of dark style ignore the opportunity to combine it with other shades, exceptions can be a solemn event or the image of a vamp with splashes of blood-red and white (often in the neck or décolleté).

The clothes in the Gothic style as one of the sexiest must emphasize the ideal female form, so the outfits Gottes often wrap around the figure. For example, a tightly tightened the corset, tight black leggings. But the skirt should be long (Maxi) from flowing translucent fabric.

A provocation and a claim to sexuality in Gothic are attractive lace dresses. They are sewn with bright accent at the waist and deep neckline, which play the role of excitatory elements. But such outfits Goths only wear for the holidays.

Strict black suit, comprising fitted jacket and narrow skirt-pencil, are also considered belonging to the Gothic style. Tellingly, in this dress it is easy to observe the dress code of any serious company.

From outerwear Goths prefer long coats or cloaks of black, shoes — boots high, boots or simply provocative sexy stilettos.

Favorite accessories supporters style are products in the form of crosses, bats, coffins, skulls and other motifs of death. Decorations must be of conventional metal or silver as a symbol of the moon. Gold ready for despicable Philistine metal, a symbol of the Sun, so wearing it is unacceptable. Because “black romance” on the side of darkness.

Makeup in Gothic style as bleak as the clothes, executed in black tones. Girl powdered the face so that it looked unnaturally pale (vampire), drawing coal-black arrows on the eyelids and lips are painted blood red or black lipstick. In principle, afford to can make up and boys.

Often Goths dye their hair black. Girls can be painted in a bright red palette or to paint individual strands in other of acid hues. To complement the mysterious way some elements of sadism: dog collars with spikes, chains as an element of decor, handcuffs and other fancy accessories, which are still deterred by “proper” society.

However, the latest collections of famous designers proved that even in a mysterious and terrifying lies something beautiful. Of course, on the runway images are not as radical as clothing of the followers of the Gothic movement. No wonder they were called a neo-Gothic style — a new vision of the designers of one of the most ancient of styles.

Neo-Gothic is a modern interpretation of a “black romance” on the podium

At the last fashion shows from Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain, Rodarte, Lanvin, Bottega Veneta, Versace and other famous designers, fashion critics noticed the clear predominance of the Gothic style. Their preferences brands embodied in the original floor length dresses organza, sexy lace dresses, rough coat, leather knee-high boots and silver jewelry with Gothic symbols.

Mourning a way of gates underlined devoid of femininity grotesque make-up with emphasis on the scarlet lips and casually summed up the eyes. And, of course, the integral image is designed in black, which in some ensembles complemented with purple, white or red shades.

Almost all stylists advise girls who dream to create a sexy way, take a closer look to the Gothic style and be sure to try it for yourself. And you don’t necessarily have to become a gloomy goth with a misunderstood ideology. Think of the Gothic style or Gothic revival style as art or as another method of transformation in a new way. For example, all of a sudden show up on Halloween in the form of the mysterious witches. Without attention will not remain! But in search of the dark corners of his soul, yet try not to lose yourself. And the rest – go for it! Mysterious beckons…


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