Vedic symbols on the ancient buildings

Vedic symbols became more intense use of the Land after the Great War, when feral people started to come to, but unclaimed for centuries knowledge has already been lost. URS, the Magi, nymphs, gave people the most simple ways to protect from various attacks by the dark and their assistants, to execute the simplest, but often necessary in a life of manipulation at the local level, etc.

More than 600 thousand years ago, representatives of the White Race from other planetary systems created in the territory of the Northern continent of our planet, which they called Daria, a colony of the White Race. They were representatives of four families – two families of the Aryans (h’ariytsy, gives the Aryans) and two Genera of the Slavs (Rassini and Russ). The level of civilization that they had created, was extraordinarily high, which is hardly surprising, given the fact that it was created by many civilizations galactic level. Here, as reflected in the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas:

. Midgard called the soul by the dance of dreams, because it gathered the wisdom of many Stars, which stored obzhivshie the World.

After the first planetary disaster that occurred just over 100 thousand years ago, the White Race was forced to move to the great province of Asia, in Eastern Siberia in the area of the Irtysh river, where they re-created a highly developed civilization with a common culture and language, which was in Darii. It is from the great province of Asia, or as it is called, the Holy Russenia, people of the White Race began to settle in the world at different times and for different reasons, for example because of climate change or overpopulation. However, there was something common in these cases – budding from a single parent culture, the people carried it with me to other places.

9 (73). Many of the Genera of the great Race will go on all edges of the Midgard-Earth, Riphean mountains, and will put new Grads and Temples and keep the Faith of old ancestors, the Vedas and confidential data by Tarkh Dazhdbog. and other Bright Gods.

In addition, since the second planetary catastrophe that occurred a little more than 13,000 years ago, the people of the White Race had helped other races: Chinese (Yellow Race), American Indians (Red Race) and to the Nagas and Dravidians (Black people), all of which appeared on our planet much later than the White Race, some 40,000 years ago. They helped to create an infrastructure and teach them the Wisdom of the World of Radiance, Wisdom of Cognition of Worlds and wisdom of Life.

It is therefore not surprising that the Vedic, in particular, the so-called “svastichnyh characters” found in all corners of our planet – Europe, Siberia, North and South America, India, China, North Africa, the middle East and even in Bali.

Vedic symbols used by the Celts, Etruscans, Egyptians, Slavs, Germans, coast-dwellers, the Scythians, the Sarmatians, the Mordvins, the Udmurts, the Bashkirs, the Chuvash, the Basques, the Canadians, the Americans and many other Nations.

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Currently “Vedic characters” are still widely and commonly used by the Hindus, the Chinese, the Finns, the Japanese, Nepalese and Vietnamese.

“Vedic characters” were present and are present in all major world religions. You can see them on old Christian icons, in temples, on statues of Buddha, Hindu temples, mosques and mosaics in ancient synagogues.

Almost all the peoples who have left any appreciable trace in history, and even those, which became known quite recently, used the “Vedic characters” in different areas of their lives and the life: portrayed them in a ceramic dish, the houses, temples and sarcophagi, weapons, burial urns, altars, amulets, clothing.

Now let’s try to understand where did the “Vedic characters” and what images was the fundamental principle, the benchmark for subsequent multiple stylized their images. Then try to trace the spread of certain “Vedic characters” from different eras, continents, countries and peoples. We begin, of course, with the swastika, because the symbol, in our opinion, were the basis for many subsequent images that have become mere modifications of this ancient symbol. When we’ve found the real photosgraphy of various spiral galaxies, made space telescope Hubble, and immediately saw, where did the “swastika”. This is a stylized image of a spiral galaxy . The real image of our Galaxy, the milky way – could not be found for obvious reasons. But there was a computer model, from which it is clear that our galaxy is also a spiral . Hence the swastika is a stylized image of our galaxy . Our supposedly wild ancestors, unlike us, had the opportunity to observe our Galaxy from the side, and made it schematic representation of this ancient symbol – the Swastika.

In addition, in the Vedas it is specified that the outline of the four major rivers that flowed from the Central lake in the Sacred Dearie, too reminiscent of a swastika (see map of G. Mercator in the illustration below) and may be another prototype of this symbol.

Now let’s see the style, and figurative significance of some of the 144 Slavic-Aryan symbols that are most often found on monuments of material culture of various peoples and times. The information is taken from the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas. Note that some of the existing religiosity in the transfer of values and images of “Vedic characters” is a consequence of the Christianization of Russia, and a misunderstanding of today’s translators and publishers mentioned in the Vedas of information. Our really great ancestors had no concept of “religion” in today’s interpretation of this word. They didn’t have anything to believe in. They knew . how it works, and how it works. Therefore, to believe in something for no reason, it was unnatural for them. The Vedism is not a religion! It’s a way of life, culture, mentality. But not a religion!

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