The mystery of Coral castle

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Construction of such monuments as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids of Giza, Sacsayhuaman fortress and other ancient buildings? Many scientists believe that in some cases only to deliver massive stones to the construction site would require tens of thousands of workers.

However, a small man from Latvia insists that these ancient structures were built with much less effort by applying construction a secret lost for centuries. He even claims that he was able to apply this technique in practice, during the construction of the mysterious Coral castle.

In 25 years Liedskalnins Edward was engaged to a girl who was 10 years younger than him Agnes the SCAF, which he affectionately called “sweet sixteen”. Unfortunately, the night before the wedding, the bride Edward changed his mind and left him. Surprisingly, Leedskalnin decided to build a truly magical castle in memory of his lost love.

After this cruel disappointment and suffering tuberculosis Leedskalnin emigrated from his native Latvia to USA. He settled in Florida city, which has realized the project of one of the most impressive and enigmatic buildings ever built by one person: the Coral castle or as he calls Liedskalnins – “Stone gate Park”.

The castle, built completely out of the rocks that Liedskalnins alone moved, handled and installed is an impressive building, which is built entirely from giant boulders, the weight of some of them exceeds 30 tons. After a 28-year-old single work and the use of simple tools, made by Edward himself (block and winch), Coral castle has become a reality.

However, instead of having to share his mysterious building methods with the world, Liedskalnins made every effort to keep your secret of the moving stone blocks. On this occasion it was a lot of discussion, but nobody has managed to repeat the move such huge stones without any external effort. According to one legend, one night the children watched Liedskalnina and saw large blocks of stone hovering in the air like “balloons”.

In 1936 Leedskalnin decided to move the adjacent structure in Hosted and hired a truck to transport the stones – the only time he resorted to. Constantly striving for the preservation of his secret, Leedskalnin insisted that the driver for the night left his truck, so he can load huge chunks. The driver doubted his words, but by the next day Liedskalnins, as promised, loaded the stones into a large trailer for transportation.

Man of mystery

The construction of Coral castle is shrouded in mystery. How one man could move huge stones to build the massive structures? Although Liedskalnins never in detail did not disclose the secrets of its construction, he left a note which suggests that thoughts about a series of experiments using the Earth’s magnetic field. Do Liedskalnins managed to open a way of overcoming gravity?

Liedskalnins evaded direct questions about the construction of Coral castle, but claimed the technique, which was once known to the ancient construction technique similar to the one that was used for the construction of the great Egyptian pyramids. He often repeated that this method is very simple if you know her secret.

One of the most impressive features of Coral castle is a stone block weighing 9 tons, which is used as the gate at the entrance to the castle. Liedskalnins established this huge stone with such precision that it is possible to access a light touch. In 1986 30 years after the death of Liedskalnina, the gate needed repair. Has been involved the team of six men with a crane, lifting capacity 20 tons, to move the boulder. But, in spite of the use of technology, this team failed to install a gate with the same accuracy.

The interior of the Coral castle itself shows exquisite artistry, and a marvel of engineering. Castle officially a historical monument, and was converted into an open Museum for everyone who wants to admire or wish to make a contribution to disclosing of a riddle of how he lived and worked eccentric Latvian. Coral garden is decorated with tables and chairs, a sundial accurate to the minute – witness the amazing abilities of Liedskalnina.

Say that have never seen him working in his coral castle, but neighbors reported that work in his workshop was accompanied by a strange singing late at night. What kind of technology was used Liedskalnins, and why he wanted to keep secret such an amazing discovery? Whether he possessed the same building secrets that were used in the ancient world? We can only guess, since the mystery of the structure was carried away with them.

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