Buildings of ancient Rome

Buildings of ancient Rome.

And although Herbig ascribes his elevation the General democratization of the Greek society, in which moved first of few notable folk gods, we actually have no direct evidence to assume that the pan always remained the exclusive deity of the lower classes. On the contrary, associated with it philosophical speculations rather suggest the opposite.

Its history, however, is interesting because it reveals a possible path elevation forest pastoral бога1 to the extent of the great borosque, way, which, apparently, was also and Hermes-mercury 6. And he had sutileza in streams, and ib the groves, and the hills and he was honoured as the guardian of the harvest and herds, houses and the edge of the ditch and only later acquired a more General meaning and new functions.

Analysis of the development of ideas about forest deities, or spirits, gives huge material on ancient, medieval and modern Europe. Naturally, in the Christian world these spirits were not able to contact the gods.

Instead of the myths they lived in fairy tales, superstitions, legends is developed cult they were devoted to only certain rituals and feasts, sometimes merging with the Church.

But it is partly due to the fact that these spirits remain exclusively the property of the masses and never become great gods and objects philosophyreflections of the representatives of the upper classes, their main features are more clearly.

For example, Mannhardt have shown by numerous examples. as forest spirits become spirits homemade wood-nymphs, associated with individual trees, however, are guarding the fields, help a farmer, sometimes settle in the house of the peasant and bring him wealth and abundance. Home spirit and sometimes the spirit of vegetation, who lived in the last sheaf, which was kept in the house until the next harvest.

The soul of a tree, felled to build a house or vehicle, continued to live in the new building and were guarding it, appearing sometimes in the form of a snake. Often established a connection between the tree or group of trees and an individual or entity comes along they grow and perish together with growing on the estate groves was contacted by the fate of the estate, cohesion of people and animals.

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