I was very interested. As if I had been in the journey. The world does so many amazing and mysterious structures.

Petrova Daria, 7th grade

A very interesting Olympics. When you search for the answers, very much I found some interesting facts. The creative task was also interesting, it is a pity that it could fit on only one page!

Kovchak Elena, 6th grade

Great! Love the story. Many questions were answered immediately. But got a new one! Questions like, is not complicated ,but interesting. Thank you! Best wishes .Misha.

Karev, Mikhail, 6th grade

I liked this contest. All quiz questions are very interesting. To answer them, I had to refresh my memory of many historical and geographical information. I wish these contests were held more often.

Baykova Karina, grade 6

In modern nagrazhdeniya,

Skyscrapers, buildings, narrowness,

We saw the facilities –

The old ancient beauty.

For a trip around the world,

Project we Your thank.

We wish creative success,

Thank You we say.

Elena Marchenko, 8th grade

More time to prepare. And questions contests – cool!Had to “loaf”. Thanks to the organizers.

Agafonov, Maxim Olegovich, grade 9

Dear organizers of the contest “Great structures: past and present”. Thanks for interesting job. In search of answers I had to find information in textbooks, dictionaries and the Internet. It was not easy, but exciting and informative.

Chubykina Olga, grade 5

Hello, dear organizers of the competition! Let me Express to you the gratitude that I learned a lot about the monuments, about the history of their creation. I want to be a journalist, therefore, with pleasure performed the creative task, and also learned a lot of interesting things. Definitely going to participate in Military business. With respect Leshchenko, Vadim.

Leshchenko, Vadim, 8th grade

Hello, dear organizers of the competition! With pleasure took part in the competition, learned a lot about the history of creation of those or other monuments, especially liked the questions about the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, about the Great Sphinx, the lost city of Machu Picchu. Gained respect for the creators of ancient monuments and buildings, now they don’t seem to be “naive children of history”, because in many ways they were smarter than me. Otherwise became refers to history and geography, not so it is a “dry” science, as it seemed before. Thanks again, I will take part in the competition “Military business”. Daddy’s Anna.

Daddy’s log, 10th grade

Hello, dear organizers of the competition! I want to thank you for such an interesting and informative competition. To answer the quiz questions, I had to re-read mountain of literature and “pobrodit” on the Internet, but my mom says it’s “not in a huge loss of knowledge has never stopped anyone”. I’m in the 8th grade that wish to attend our Saratov University, the faculty of “Business and tourism”, so that the knowledge of monuments proschlo and what I would need, and the skills of the guide I received, when preparing a virtual tour of the cities of Volgograd, Irkutsk and Vladivostok. Sincerely Sechenov Ivan.

Sechenov Ivan, 8th grade

I really liked the contest in history! I think such events should be held more!

Ilyashenko Catherine, 5th class

Thanks for very interesting contest! For the third time to participate in your contests. I really like that you can select a topic of interest, the program of events for the whole year varied. Another very convenient that the results can be read quickly. This competition I really liked the fact that firstly, it is history. Secondly, the facilities selected in the jobs, really famous, beautiful, majestic. And it should be known by every educated person. When I was looking for answers to questions, learned a lot about these objects. When I was doing a creative task, it was difficult to choose only three known structures of Russia. I wanted to tell you about many, but in one work to accommodate all of this information is difficult. So, I think, every participant of this competition will continue to get acquainted with such objects for their own development.


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