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The origin and structure of the world


Mythology is the basis of all national cultures. If the process of development of any nation historically started recently and he does not have for its ancient mythology, he creates a modern. Myths contribute to the unity of the society, participate in the formation of people’s mentality through the persistence of certain stereotypes of thinking and behavior. Mythology is not just a fairy tale or a fantastic view, this is the generalized experience of life of ancestors, diffused and persisted through the images.

About mythical creatures the average reader knows almost nothing. In scientific and popular publications, especially Russian, Belarusian individual characters of myth are presented as common Slavic, does not specify their affiliation to the Belarusian culture.

Yes, the Belarusian mythology retains some common Slavic roots and individual characters, such as Perun, Yarila, Velez. But the myths of the Belarusians is much richer mythologies of our neighbors-the Slavs – Russians, Ukrainians, poles. They have more characters to choose from; many of such, which does not exist in the mythologies of the peoples named: Zyuzya, Balloting, Zatowka. About it in the nineteenth century spoke Belarusian scientists Z. Dalenge-chodakowski and A. Kirkor, who conducted a comparative analysis of the Belarusian mythology with the mythologies of the peoples-neighbours.

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What are megaliths?

What are megaliths?

The word megalith in the literal Greek means “big stone”. Precisely this term was proposed in 1849 by English scientist A. Herbert to refer to prehistoric structures made of huge stones.

This can be one large stone – in this case, the megalith is called menhirs (“long stone” nizhnepechorsky). These megaliths are the earliest, and because they are often no ornament, no pictures that would help to shed light on their purpose. The largest menhir is located in England, in the village of Radoste (Yorkshire), its height is 7.6 m and weighs about 40 tons.

Several menhirs arranged in the form of a “fence” or more concentric circles are called cromlechs. The word is Celtic and means “vaulted roof” – here there was some confusion in terms, because this word meant and another type of megaliths and dolmens.

Dolmen (“stone table” in Breton) is a stone, which put on several others. Most often – three stones set in the form of the letter “P”, but some dolmens look like a table.

Another type of megalithic tour, or Cairn – mound of stones in the shape of a cone (though in Ireland, the Cairn was called the only building of five stones).

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