What are megaliths?

What are megaliths?

The word megalith in the literal Greek means “big stone”. Precisely this term was proposed in 1849 by English scientist A. Herbert to refer to prehistoric structures made of huge stones.

This can be one large stone – in this case, the megalith is called menhirs (“long stone” nizhnepechorsky). These megaliths are the earliest, and because they are often no ornament, no pictures that would help to shed light on their purpose. The largest menhir is located in England, in the village of Radoste (Yorkshire), its height is 7.6 m and weighs about 40 tons.

Several menhirs arranged in the form of a “fence” or more concentric circles are called cromlechs. The word is Celtic and means “vaulted roof” – here there was some confusion in terms, because this word meant and another type of megaliths and dolmens.

Dolmen (“stone table” in Breton) is a stone, which put on several others. Most often – three stones set in the form of the letter “P”, but some dolmens look like a table.

Another type of megalithic tour, or Cairn – mound of stones in the shape of a cone (though in Ireland, the Cairn was called the only building of five stones).

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Castles Of Scotland

Castles Of Scotland

Castles have long been a historical and cultural symbols of Scotland. Almost every travel booklet on Scotland, you can see their colorful photos and advertising and educational tours. On the territory of today’s Scotland there are about 3000 objects that fall under the description as a lock, since this term covers a wide range of different types of individual buildings and large complexes.

After a thousand-year historical way, most locks have undergone many changes. Some are less fortunate, and today they are ruins. Others managed to survive in reasonable condition, having gradually turned into either museums or hotels. Several have become iconic tourist attractions, through which the year passes by several tens of thousands of visitors. In any, even in the most remote corner of Scotland, be sure to see the castle, which will offer guests a unique opportunity to touch the past. Walk the narrow spiral staircase to dine to the sounds of bagpipes in the Parade Hall, as did the noble Lords, or even stay in the apartments in which in the distant past has hosted famous royals such as Queen Mary Stuart. And (where possible) to climb the walls and towers to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding natural landscape.

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The most “Scottish” town of Australia

The most “Scottish” town of Australia.

As previously reported, “Morningsiders” on Australia day we went to conquer the vastness of New South Wales with the master plan for the development of the Waterfalls – the section of highway between the towns of Armidale and Dorrigo. But there still had to get on the road, i.e., probably on the route of the main highway along the East coast of Australia we still had a number of “not closed” short travel of the objects.

The first day assumed 400-km March to Coffs harbour city on the North coast of new South Wales, where, as you know we have not got, because the city was cut off by the floods. But in addition to Coffs in the plan were also a couple of cities that were previously prokatyvalis on the highway at speed limit, but where I really wanted to go study. In consultation, we gave priority to the town of Maclean (McLean). Continue reading

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