The origin and structure of the world


Mythology is the basis of all national cultures. If the process of development of any nation historically started recently and he does not have for its ancient mythology, he creates a modern. Myths contribute to the unity of the society, participate in the formation of people’s mentality through the persistence of certain stereotypes of thinking and behavior. Mythology is not just a fairy tale or a fantastic view, this is the generalized experience of life of ancestors, diffused and persisted through the images.

About mythical creatures the average reader knows almost nothing. In scientific and popular publications, especially Russian, Belarusian individual characters of myth are presented as common Slavic, does not specify their affiliation to the Belarusian culture.

Yes, the Belarusian mythology retains some common Slavic roots and individual characters, such as Perun, Yarila, Velez. But the myths of the Belarusians is much richer mythologies of our neighbors-the Slavs – Russians, Ukrainians, poles. They have more characters to choose from; many of such, which does not exist in the mythologies of the peoples named: Zyuzya, Balloting, Zatowka. About it in the nineteenth century spoke Belarusian scientists Z. Dalenge-chodakowski and A. Kirkor, who conducted a comparative analysis of the Belarusian mythology with the mythologies of the peoples-neighbours.

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The most “Scottish” town of Australia

The most “Scottish” town of Australia.

As previously reported, “Morningsiders” on Australia day we went to conquer the vastness of New South Wales with the master plan for the development of the Waterfalls – the section of highway between the towns of Armidale and Dorrigo. But there still had to get on the road, i.e., probably on the route of the main highway along the East coast of Australia we still had a number of “not closed” short travel of the objects.

The first day assumed 400-km March to Coffs harbour city on the North coast of new South Wales, where, as you know we have not got, because the city was cut off by the floods. But in addition to Coffs in the plan were also a couple of cities that were previously prokatyvalis on the highway at speed limit, but where I really wanted to go study. In consultation, we gave priority to the town of Maclean (McLean). Continue reading

Vedic symbols on the ancient buildings
Vedic symbols became more intense use of the Land after the Great War, when feral people started to come to, but unclaimed for centuries knowledge has already been lost. URS,…


Mountain Crimea
The metals poverty and insufficient communication with the metallurgical centers led to the fact that stone tools, especially at the early stage of development of the Taurus culture, played the…

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